A Biblical Mandate for Missions

Definition of Missions: Task on which God sends a person that He has called, particularly a mission to introduce another group of people to salvation in Christ. In the Christian context the person sent is called a missionary. This person is charged with the task of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to people to... Continue Reading →

What is Stopping You?

In Luke 8:35 we see man sitting at Jesus' feet, clothed and in his right mind.  If you have read this chapter you know the previous statement is significant because of who the man was.  He had not always been able to sit calmly.  He had not always been clothed.  It had no doubt been... Continue Reading →

Come Apart and Rest a While

In Mark 6:31 Jesus tells the Apostles to "Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while." The Command: Come apart and rest a while. We live in a time when the average person's life is busy. ¬†Family schedules are filled with work, school, hobbies and sports with little time to rest... Continue Reading →

2 Obstacles to get to Jesus

In Mark 10:46 we are introduced to Bartimaeus a blind beggar who called out to Jesus.¬† What happened between him crying out and him getting to Jesus depicts 2 common obstacles that people can face when they recognize their need of Jesus. People When people realize their need of Jesus in their life they will... Continue Reading →

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