What is Stopping You?

In Luke 8:35 we see man sitting at Jesus’ feet, clothed and in his right mind.  If you have read this chapter you know the previous statement is significant because of who the man was.  He had not always been able to sit calmly.  He had not always been clothed.  It had no doubt been a long time since he had been in control of his own mind because he had been controlled by a legion of demons.  This man’s life changed the moment Jesus commanded the demons to leave him and enter in the nearby pigs.

Raising pigs was a way of making a living in this Gentile community.  The crowd that gathered around to witness what had happened was more concerned with their own livelihood than they were this man’s life.  The people were fearful and demanded Jesus leave.

Example of the one sitting at Jesus’ feet.

  1. He wanted to follow Jesus.

    We talk about following Jesus spiritually but this man wanted to literally leave home and follow Jesus.  He wanted to follow the man who, unlike other Jewish leaders, was willing to travel to a place of demons and pigs.  He was willing to leave everything he knew behind and follow Jesus.  Leaving and starting over in a new place might have seemed like a good idea for a man who had been known to the whole town by his former lifestyle, but Jesus had a different plan for him.

  2. He was told to stay and tell others about Jesus.

    The easier path for this man might have been to leave everything behind and follow Jesus.  However, Jesus does not always call us to the easy path.  He does not always ask us to do what we want to do.  For this man Jesus’ command was not going to be easy.  He may have thought to himself: they won’t listen, they know who I was, they didn’t even care about me.

  3. He proclaimed Jesus.

    Despite how difficult the path may have been, he was obedient to do what Jesus asked him to do.  He told everyone the great things Jesus had done for him.

Like this man of the Gadarenes, Jesus has commanded us to tell others about Him.  We are to proclaim what Jesus has done in our lives.  Maybe you have been using your past as an excuse to not tell others about Jesus.  Maybe you think others are more qualified than you.  Maybe you think that God can not use you.

God used this man with all of his baggage, with all of his past.  Jesus wasn’t looking for someone who had it all together.  He took someone whose life was a mess, put it back together and told him to tell others.

If this man could be obedient to tell others about Jesus, what is stopping you?

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