Come Apart and Rest a While

In Mark 6:31 Jesus tells the Apostles to “Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while.”

The Command: Come apart and rest a while.

We live in a time when the average person’s life is busy.  Family schedules are filled with work, school, hobbies and sports with little time to rest as people rush from place to place.   People seem to have a desire to be involved in their church but they have no time for church left in their schedule.  Others are very involved in many activities of church but still fail to take time to rest.

The myth: Resting is laziness.

Some people view resting as laziness.  This is not the case.  In Mark 6, Jesus commanded the Apostles to rest because they had been busy.  They had just given him an account of all they had done.  Jesus knew what was about to take place (miracle feeding the multitude).  They had been coming and going and had “no leisure so much as to eat.”

A person who is lazy has nothing to rest from.  To come apart and rest assumes a person already be busy.

2 Benefits of Rest

  1. SprituallyAs believers we must take time apart to rest.  It is in those times that we step away from all of the busyness of the schedule.  It is at those times that we can silence the chaos and spend time with the Creator.  It is foolish to think that we can walk with God without resting and spending time with Him.
  2. ProductivityMany believers start out with a desire to do all they can for the cause of Christ.  They take seriously the instruction Jesus gave to make disciples but somewhere along the way they have forgotten why they are so busy.  Their services for Christ become stale and their attitudes bitter.  For all of their work, they are left with little to show for it.
  3. It is pride and arrogance that makes someone think they can serve God in their own strength without seeking rest in Him.  Jesus knew the apostles would be better prepared for continued service after taking time to rest.  You will be more productive doing what God has called you to if you take time to rest.

The reality:

Our churches are weak because our families are weak.  Our families are weak because somewhere along the way we forgot how to rest.  On the 7th day of creation God gave the example to rest.

Why are people so impatient with each other in our society?

Why are brothers and sisters within the church impatient with each other?  Where is the love that Jesus said would define His disciples?

People are busy, exhausted and need to come apart and rest a while.

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